“support contract,” the agreement between Easysoft and the licensee to provide support to the terms of support; Where real estate is provided in return for a commitment to grant assistance, the funder may reserve a pledge or other submission of property that is transferred to a fair royalty to ensure the recipient`s performance, and this reservation should be explicitly included in the language of the agreement or support agreement. An aid contract can be guaranteed by a mortgage on the professional`s estate, and a scholarship holder`s guarantee in support of the donor can be repaid by a mortgage from the fellow. “Conditions of assistance” are these conditions of maintenance and assistance. This agreement is binding and must be concluded in favour of Easysoft`s rights holders or the licensee. Support agreements are governed by the general law of contracts and require sufficient consideration by law in return for the commitment of aid. A moral obligation that has nothing to do with a legal obligation such as that between the parent and the child is not sufficient consideration for a promise to provide support. The agreement should carefully define the concept of “support” and determine whether the obligation includes payment for goods such as medical care and services, as well as funeral expenses. The agreement should specify whether the choice of the beneficiary`s home is limited to the professional`s home or whether the payment of the money is allowed instead of services and material comfort. Easysoft is not liable to the licensee for losses resulting from statements or commitments issued prior to the execution date of this agreement, except for declarations or undertaking agreements that have been confirmed in writing or expressly under the conditions of assistance by a duly accredited Easysoft representative. The wholesale terms that are used in section 15, but which are not defined here, have the meaning described in the support agreement on that term. “services,” the provision of software support by Easysoft, in accordance with Clause 4 under support; “response time,” the time in which Easysoft must make reasonable efforts to respond to a request for assistance from the licensee in accordance with point 4.3; Assistance consists of food such as food, clothing and shelter, as well as, in some cases, medicines and medical services. The commitment to provide assistance is sufficient consideration for the transfer of ownership of the property or for the transfer of a payment.

Similarly, an agreement to make an inheritance or to design in exchange for a promise of support is applicable. “assistance fee,” the periodic fee for the service in question indicated in the order, which is increased from time to time in accordance with point 3.3 above; In the event of payment of the assistance fee provided for at Easysoft Point 3, Easysoft makes the Services available to the Licensee in accordance with these Conditions of Assistance for the period for which this payment is made. “additional fees,” additional amounts that can be calculated from time to time based on Easysoft`s rates, in accordance with Easysoft`s rates; Given the inability to obtain new capital or additional financing on terms acceptable to the debtor and to otherwise address a very difficult liquidity situation, the debtor decided to restructure its Chapter 11 operations in accordance with the Restructuring Support Agreement.