Parents often wonder who has custody of a child if there is no court order for the custody of that child. It depends on whether the child`s parents are married or not. Yes, but only in specific cases. Non-parents, such as aunts, uncles or friends, can sue a parent to have a child in court if they have raised the child. If the child is dependent (neglected, abandoned or without proper care or control), a court may give custody of the child to an agency such as child and youth services or, in some cases, to a non-parent. If the parents are NOT MARIÉ and NEVER MARIÉs and there is no court order for custody of the child, then the child`s mother has legal custody of that child until a court says otherwise. In other words, the mother of a child born outside marriage has sole custody of the child, unless a court has issued an order giving custody to someone else. Parents are also required to provide adequate support to their child. When the parents are separated or divorced, this usually takes the form of family allowances paid by the non-responsible parent. Brittney, thank you for the answer. In your remark, there is a lack of some concrete information that I need to give you a more informed opinion.

However, if there is little that you and your child`s father have been signed or brought to justice, there is not much that can be done. He is entitled to the child as you are. The only way to potentially get what you want is to go to court and for preventive detention. If you think the other parent could take your child out of the country, you can ask the labour and family court for an order that: In addition, the babies are born to two parents, each with the same rights with regard to the child. Neither parent is more important than the other. Think about how it works in a marriage or other committed relationship. Mom and Dad share time with the child and share (to some extent) the child`s responsibilities. We come to get the day care, we fall. One feeds breakfast, the other packs lunch. Someone would be dishes while the other would help to bathe. Of course, it works differently in each family, but responsibility is shared largely without too much noise.

If it doesn`t work out between the parents, it starts to unravel. In general, it quickly dissolves in a shocking way. Whether you and your child`s father have been married and are on your way to divorce, or you are never married and are just looking for a way to share your child`s responsibilities (without naturally having too much contact with each other), you need to reach some kind of agreement on how custody and visitation are managed. If you don`t have a custody order, you often start getting into trouble. I have the only physical custody of my son in Virginia, but now I`m in Indiana who keeps the custody papers and she can do it through a lawyer, so she has to prove me unfit. We had an agreement that our children would live with him (dad) for a year. The documents were prepared and authenticated by a lawyer. That was three years ago, and he won`t let her go home as agreed. He also transferred her from Louisiana to Georgia.

He moved in with his aunt and fought with her. My children live with her now, and he stays somewhere else because she has a restrictive order. Can I leave and take it back without the courts, or do I have to file an application for custody? If possible, I want a lawyer for my children. You`re 14, 13 and 10 years old. He changed his number My children`s phone is the only way to contact them.