NOV for TPC Group On 06.03.17, PUCT staff submitted a communication regarding violations and transaction agreements relating to violations committed by PURA (TPC) of the TPC Group (TPC) in relation to essential organizations and rules of essential importance for the supervision of wholesale market participants. TPC is a 35 MW resource source. TPC was unable to define some of the settings required for a new power system system it installed, test the system and put the system into service. TPC was unable to update its authorized representative at ERCOT and did not respond in time to certain requests from the Texas Reliability Entity (TRE). TPC agreed to pay an administrative fine of 25,000 $US. Oncor Notice of Violation and Settlement Filed On15/14 a Notice of Violation (NOV) and Settlement for Oncor Electric Delivery was filed at the PUCT. The NOV concerns reliability and continuity of service in 2013, when some feeders did not meet the standards. Oncor agreed to pay an administrative fine of $174,000 and to make efforts to improve the reliability of feeders. NOV Submitted for Oncor Electric Delivery Company On 05.15.17, PUCT employees submitted a notice of infringement and transaction agreements regarding the violation of oncor Electric Delivery Company`s PURA and PUCT rules with respect to reliability and continuity of service. Oncor agreed to pay an administrative fine of $US 288,500. Oncor also agreed to improve the performance of all its feeders, particularly those who breached service quality and reliability standards for three or more consecutive years. “This will not be a serious problem because most well-established REPs are well protected,” Burlingame said in a May 31 email, referring to stromteinen electricity providers.

“The risk of peak prices related to ERCOT`s reserve margin below the normal reserve margin should not surprise any market player. I would be surprised if we saw more than three or four other failures. “The rule should allow POLR suppliers to calculate competitive rates below the POLR formula rate and enable them to gain customer activity and take them back as quickly as possible from POLR service and move to a competitive product with this REP or another CUSTOMER choice REP,” Ross said. NOV Filed for Credit Suisse Energy A notice of infringements (NOV) and the transaction agreement were sent by agents of the Texas Public Utility Commission (PUCT) for violation of the Public Utility Act (PURA), puct Substantive Rules and ERCOT Protocols of Credit Suisse Energy, LLC (CSE). The NOV concerns violations related to the audits of operators in the market for user security administrators and digital certificates. CSE is registered as a counterparty and qualified scheduling entity (QSE). CSE agreed to pay 7,500 $US in administrative fines. Communication on Violations of Municipal Procurement Units On 29.09.15, a notification of infringement and transaction agreements relating to the violation of the PURA, ERCOT and ERCOT protocols regarding power requirements for primary frequency reactions by CPS Energy was sent to PUCT on 29.09.15.